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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
A&A won't sell a gun to anyone that's not a Manitoba Airsoft Association Member.

And to be one of them; You surely have to be over 18 (amongst having a good attendance record ect ect ect. Long story short; ALOT of work goes into becoming a MAA member.)
Dude, I'm not a member and I've been buying guns lately. Now, I'm all for trying to keep things safe and keep airsoft any from undesirables but I like the service I've had from Mark. I also know it's not my call but closing alot of us out from one of our only retailers would be a real shame. I try to give my business equally to the Armoury and A&A cause they've both been good to me. It would be nice if us verified member could still purchase form A&A.

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