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I'm the guy ordering the 2 Pro-Wins. The story for us up here in Canada is that they do not accept International Credit Cards. I paid with my Visa, and the payment went through, but after 2.5 weeks, and several unanswered email I finally bit the bullet and phoned them in California. They say my Card was declined (which is wasn't) and that they had called and emailed me (which they hadn't).

So I have contacted Visa, and got that side of things all cleared up, Got my cash back, minus Exchange rate differences . But I still want my order, So I paid through paypal now because they say that is what they accept for international. Since then I have been again complete un-informed about anything. I am calling them in the next hour to see what the hell is going on with them. But I have to also give a warning. These people are not looking out for the consumer worth a damn. This has been the biggest headach I have ever had with importing anything, Ever. This may have been my first Airsoft order from accross any boarder, but this is Total Bull. Do not Buy from Which sucks, because they have AUG parts I havn't seen anywhere else really.

I'll let you know what happens after I phone them. :banghead:

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