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If you're emailing about an order that you placed with us (if it hasn't arrived for some reason, or any other issue), we usually answer those emails the same day they arrive - if you haven't received an answer to an email regarding an order, send it again, and verify the address - I'm not aware of any outstanding order emails right now, and we check those carefully.

Emails not related to orders take a little while longer to get to, because we have to prioritize customers with goods in transit, but we do try to get to every email request. Special orders may not receive a response only becuse we are deluged by them sometimes, and can only reply to the ones we can actually service. If you don't get a reply to a special order request, it may mean we simply can't do anything about it.

ASCA generates, one way or another, over 1000 emails a month, it can be tough to get to all of them sometimes, although we're getting better at it.

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