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LoL when you rebrand something you can have the options of requesting a specifc kind of build so yeah there's possibilities but than again the new SRC V2's have all what they've specified, RedWolf and WGC have some in stock.

Simply asking for your date of birth isn't secure enough, any kid keen enough to type properly and lie about his age can get his hands on stuff.

Droc I agree with you that all retailers should get in touch with ASC and try some way to impose a secure age-verification system. I have been communicating with they just got into the whole airsoft business and aren't absolutely sure about the quality of some of the items they are getting. They sold me another gun and had promised me that it WAS this specific product, but when I received it yesterday it wasn't and I clearly knew that, they contacted the supplier for the item (Palco Sports) and couldn't get a confirmation. I say just give them more time to work things up, they are good on their end right now.

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No, but Mark does ask you for your DoB when you order stuff from him, or at least he ask me for mine, don't know about other people.


I noticed this on the description of some of the TSD guns: "TSD has completely overhauled the old SRC guns, and are having them built to their very own, much higher specifications." I wonder if it has truth to it.
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