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Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07 View Post
The only research on the SRC M4's you'll find at this time are from last years first release of the SRC M4s (Version 1) so I will have to see, but gears are dirt cheap and if anything I can get a new mechbox for $50USD :P

ASC doesn't promote retailers that don't have an age-verification system? I don't see any system like that from A&A either so don't be directing any un-needed heat towards them, at this time I don't think there is any effective system you can implement unless you are directly linked through ASC.

Most I can see to be done is have signature on delivery or something that requires the person to sign to be over 18? Or was that Purolator :S
No, but Mark does ask you for your DoB when you order stuff from him, or at least he ask me for mine, don't know about other people.


I noticed this on the description of some of the TSD guns: "TSD has completely overhauled the old SRC guns, and are having them built to their very own, much higher specifications." I wonder if it has truth to it.

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