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Why not? Why shouldnt teams have to invest in an LMG? If you want milsim, do it right. not this mickey mouse bullshit. Having a support weapon in your squad gives you a huge advantage, and thus, it shouldnt be something that just anyone can go out and pick up. Replacing a SAW gun with an M4 and box mag ruins the milsim aspect of it all, 100% lame.

We have a rule set in MB, which, when combined with Op Specific rules, operates very smoothly and creates a very milsim-like environment. The only problem Ive ever seen arise from these is the MG36 situation.

- Guns falling under the LMG classification, M249, M60, RPK's, and so on, are uncommon and can come in many different forms. Using a drum/box/c-mag as the only mod on an assault rifle does not make it an LMG.

- LMG gunners may carry as much ammo as they wish. In reality, LMG’s have a much larger supply of ammo than standard infantry.

- Most LMG's will use some form of High-Cap specific to their gun. They may carry as many box magazines/drum magazines/etc. as they wish.

- LMG's that use an AEG High-Cap, RPK and the AK High-cap for example, may only take out one (1) of the high-caps in question. The rest must be low caps. This is to prevent an RPK gunner from taking out multiple AK Highs and then giving them to other AK users.
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