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i have someone or actually two people in my club who have the same view as you kg. i absolutly hate hicaps and cmag/drum mags fall under that. and so do the majority of our members, so that show we run it. your right about the g36/mg36 thing. why dont you get a k front end then youve essentially got an mg36. as i said before, thats what a member here did with his ak/rpk. i dont know if thats egsactly right but its a comprimise. if you want to be a gunner YOU should be dedicated to do it right. otherwise it just makes you seem like a poser.

but as it stands hearing your side of it, along with beans side, i dont see why you cant comprimise and mod your g36 into an m36 as i mentioned previously, and manage your trigger control. if you can show them you can follow rules with out haveing to be regulated youll both be happy.
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