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Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
G36 with Cmag 100rds

m249 with box mag 200 rds

both have bipod.

Both are 5.56.

Para: 465 mm

g36: 480 mm

The weight is different yes, but guess what, the G36 is a new cutting edge rifle, while the m249 is older. Im sorry you bought a brick shit house of heavy gun, but i am keeping it realistic.

I get were your coming from, sticking a C mag on any gun and calling it support weapon is unfair, so we need to make rules to compensate for that.

one rule i like is

Real steal counter part must be 5.56 or greater, Full-auto capable, and have a barrel length greater than 300mm.
Btw Wizard is my callsign and handle on AAS.
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