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The point of Mils is to replicate real life conflicts and fire fights. A g36 with a C mag is capable of giving support fire. It has 5.56 stopping power and the ammo capacity of C MAG (beta mag) to lay out that amount of firepower. It CAN be a support weapon and CAN provide fire support, just be cause its main function wasn't intended for support like a SAW or M60 doesn't it make it just. The MG36 is capable of it, and as such a G36 is exactly identical minus the barrel length and integrated bipod. So? Its the same fucking gun! I dont think i need to spend my life savings to buy a huge SAW to just give my team the Essential Fire support we need, i am more than wiling to bend to the rules, but this is starting to get out of hand just because of something like classification. I am at the ver least investing in Drum mags (box mags) and a bipod to at least come into the ball park of support fire power. Im not just using hicaps and calling myself a support gunner i think i am in absolutely no wrong.

Bean, F3 is in trouble, you now own THE support gun and we have nothing, im not spending 800-1200 bucks to follow AAS rules. We need to make the game more like the real thing than more like game based on limitations and rules.
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