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well depending on the manufactuer of the LMG you may not be able to run low ammo amounts in the box mags (As Gryphon pointed out) and you may not even be able to run STAMAGs in them (The CA M249 will take a standard mag but the STAR M249 will not) Droc made a good point. it's about replicating the power.

If your going to run a game with ammo limits but allow for a SAW gunner then specific rules for them are in effect. Barrel length, ammo capacity and spare ammo capacity are the key factors I have used in the past. While up until recently having an LMG showing up on the field was rare a person with a Box mag(cmag or any other variety of high capacity mag) on a AEG made them a SAW. Now that cheap and reasonably effect LMGs are being fielded you can now limit specifically the fielding of the AEG with HICAP/BOX mags as SAWs. and just make the rules for the LMGs (CA/Star manufactuers being the most common).

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