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I don't really care if someone uses a Cmag in his AR or whatever gun he has. As long as he uses only 100 bbs in the mag and can not reload it on the field.

Using a M60, M249 or M240, he'll get to load up with 200 rds in the gun and have a reload of 4 times. Each reload will again be 200 rds which will give him a total loadout of 1000rds. No sharing of his loadout to other players except if it's another M60,M249 or M240 and as long as the total does not exceed 1000 rds.

Any other type of light MG (RPK, G36, G3s) will follow real steel mags capasity and will not be allowed to reload in the field. That is, you can carry as much mags as you want but no reloading the mags in the field when it's out.

We are also going to be playing only with realcaps loadout soon. We're in the process of giving the players the time needed to equip themselves with additional mags.
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