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IMO... you should worry less about restricting saws, and more about restricting everyone else. Any gun with a hicap is basically a SAW, which makes owning a SAW pointless. instead of telling a saw what it can and cant do, restrict everyone else. NO hicaps, only low and real caps. that way, a SAW standard load out gives it the natural advantage it should have.

Yah no one likes a SAW, youre not supposed to! theyre supposed to be able to lay down tonnes of fire, its their role on the field. Most SAW gunners dont play the role right anyways, in that the SAW isnt supposed to get kills. its the gunners job to shoot at bushes, sandbags and bunkers, keeping the heads behind those objects down. while your assault team moves in to take the glory.

As for the cost issue.. those who save the pennies for a 249 are the ones who get pissed off at those who abuse CMags and such. " I just dropped 2 grand on a gun, this punk spend 700$... and he's subject to the same rulings as me? " Doesnt seem fair, nor does it encourage people to play milsim in the least.

one rule I heard though, I really liked. Restricting 1 MG to a squad of 7 or 10. THATS how you balance it the most, IMO. no more armies of machine guns.

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