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as a previous Cmag lover, they have their issues. They are loud and make the gun very awkward.

If someone is set on making a rifle into a support gun, then sure, a Cmag, bipod, burst firing and a simulated reload(could be a 90 second timeout per x number of rounds fired off). If people are really gonna piss and moan about it, then carry an over the shoulder bag with a few will add some weight and will swing around making things more difficult.
If people are gonna give the guy a hard time because hes doing his best to make everyone happy while still being a support gunner, then they should grow a pair and stop bitching.

As much as in a perfect world, not even can drop $1,500 or more on an actual M249 or M60...Not to say that everyone should go out and buy a Cmag, but people gotta remember that its a game and there should be some give both ways.
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