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My problem doesn't really come with ammo limits to the gun. 500-1000 rounds is ok with me. My problem stems from guns that aren't meant to have a box mag on them having them. If someone spends the time to convert a gun into a real world support gun then im all for it. Its when people slap a boxmag, cmag etc onto a gun and call it a support weapon. So in order to allow the abominations we were trying to come up with rules to level the field. With a lrb in my m60 i can reach out to around 250feet no problem. Which gives my m60 an advantage as a machine gun. My gun doesn't have ridiculous rof but it could with an easy switch of a spring and o-ring. Were thinking at just banning cmags etc and say if you want a support weapon drop the bills to get one. Then we don't really have to restrict them at all.
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