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Ill just pull a section of a previous post of mine. Its focused on milsim, but it applies to this discussion of ammo rules. Dont worry guys, I know some of you shit bricks when I said this last time, but Im not bashing milsim, just pointing out a common view of ammo rules. Keeping in mind, to those who are likely to start bitching about what Im saying, just think the below is talking about 249/m60 gunners only and not all players, you so can all relax now...Im typing this as the wife is bugging me to clean up the 2 boxes of lowcaps thats all over the floor.

If milsim is only ammo limits then who cares. Honestly, I never gave a crap if the guy who beat me had more ammo then I do(ha! like thats ever gonna happen...wait, no more Cmag). Lets say tommorow the world breaks out fighting....some will run around with 300 rounds, while others, like myself, will carry 15 Cmags on my back and have a donkey pulling a wagon loaded with M249s and buckets of ammo...

is milsim:
1 bullet=1 bb
1 bullet = how many bbs it takes to do to an enemy behind a bush what a single bullet can do

far as im concrened, if milsim means making things more real-world; ammo limits hinder that.
but airsoft can only be so milsim...i mean, our guns have disgusting range, and no accuracy...I played milsim games and seen the enemy walking in a field and neither of us can engage because we are like 300 feet away...

IMHO, milsim is about the game being unpredicatble...Not knowing the FPS, team sizes, etc. Id love a game where I didnt know exactly how much ammo the enemy has. The more dynamic and mixed the game is, the more milsim it is to me.
The real world is a dynamic place.

Some would say
No in that case Milsim would be:

1 bullet = 1 bb (and being very limited)


DON"T SHOOT AT WHAT YOU CANNOT HIT... and patiently wait for the right opportunity.
However, I would argue that in real life, if a SAW gunner saw a taliban fighter hide behind a bush or shrub 50 feet away...would still prolly fire off into the bush or shrub. Im not talking about a solid hedge, Im talking about where its a small bush and the enemy is still clearly and obviously there.
We have all seen it. Some guy runs and finds cover behind a shitty bunch of shrubs...clearly visible, you send a few BBs his way...only to have them stopped by twigs or leaves. When in real life, a single shot would tear though the tiny bush and leave your opposition as dead as Anna Nicole smith.
If a SAW gunner cant hit a guy at 20 years behind a bush, then I totally see reason enough to allow for a saw gunner to carry more ammo in the mag to represent the firepower that a SAW gunner actually wields.

As Gyphon said, such a small amount of ammo is the saw can impair its function.

Its true that no one(well, almost no one) is going to like a SAW gunner belting out 2,000 long streams of ammo, but Im liking FOX_11s burst suggestion. Its nothing that can be officially regulated, but not much in airsoft can. Let the saw gunner carry as much as they want. Shoot in bursts and they can reload or swamp out a new box when they feel it suites. It should depend on the feel of the game.
Simply having a second person to carry the extra ammo or box, and requiring 2 people to reload is a penalty enough. Finding a medic in a game is hard as hell, as is your reload guy. Forcing two players to stick tougher can help reduce the "super hose" factor.
When you get written in stone rules, you really put yourself in a small box.

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