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well i have the same problem kg, and i did much like meat did. we have one m60 and we have one ak turned rpk. it was origionally an ak, but he has taken the time to make it look like an rpk without actually buying the kit. i dont know how i feel about it, but as long as he only burst fires, ill let it slide. the m60 i havent decided what im going to do about it. on one hand, he spent the money he should reap the rewards, on the other hand, other members dont want a bb hose out there, so again, if complies with the burst fire (no linger than 3-5 seconds) i wont worry about it. in the event that i do have complications i will limit their ammo capacity as we have a locap rule for all riflemen/snipers.

we also are a recreational club with alot of members who just want to shoot people and dont want alot of restricions on how they can play. so i have to keep that in mind, however if i let everyone do what they want, im going to have the same problem as no one will have any fun when everyone else is being cheap with hicaps and hose cannons. but i find as a GO, there are alot of grey areas that people exploit, so you often have to make a decision one way or another.
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