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The reason we are trying to come up with the rules here is that in the past hicap guns were all used as machine guns. It would be rather hypocritical of me to make up rules if i did not own a machine gun or was not in a place where i could make up rules. I own a m60 that weighs almost twice or more then any of the guns that come to our field. When picking the m60 i choose the model i got because of its low ammo capacity and that I have to pull the cocking handle every 30 rounds. The real m60 suffers from mad jams all the time which is why I felt this to be more of a challenge. My problem stems from people who don't have support weapons and want to slam a box mag on a small g36 or a mp5 etc. Those aren't support weapons and should never be deemed as such. I noticed that (I think it was atreyu's game) where he had a rule the gunner must be in the prone or supported by something. I liked this because it adds some teamwork to the mix. Your forcing the guy who has the best cover fire to get down and shoot it and not just rambo there way through a fire fight. I can stand and walk around with my m60 all day long and use it as an assault rifle but I don't because that is stupid.
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