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It's generally accepted that it takes at least two BBs to accomplish the same task as one real bullet, and you usually can't get all of the BBs in a box mag to enter the feeding mechanism when it gets really low.
Bah, I always said its a 3 to 1 considering a bird farting can make enough breeze to blow a BB off course, and a blade of grass is the Kevlar of airsoft...though, some milsimers out there will argue you till they day that they die that 1 bullet = 1 BB.

Screw ammo restrictions on squad gunners. The size and weight of their weapon is enough of a setback. Just make them fire in bursts.

It all depends on what you consider milsim to be. Do you want to simulate the loadout? or the combat experience?
Because there is nothing real about a SAW gunner who has to use a full box mag to kill a guy hiding behind a bush.
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