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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
I think a national event is just like pornography, I can't define it but I know it when I see it.
and as for Ontariocentrism, it is inescapable. Because well without ontario Canada would be stuck with Quebec calling all the shots and not just the majority

Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
I actually think an event proposal has some advantage, in that if they are going to say, sell T-shirts and "sponsored by the law firm of Boland Howe" was to end up on those T-shirts (not necc in large letters) that would give us a clear and tangible benefit for our sponsorship money.
hmph thinking of someone saying "what's that black line at the bottom of your t-shirt?" to which the reply would be "Oh that? Thats the fine print" (Insert drum roll).

6am start? I'm fairly certain there are other players that have the same issue. what are you doing getting old or something see now you have to come just to shoot me mwhahaha

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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