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Some more tips:

When you call, be sure to call from your own lines
Furthermore, be sure to use a line that includes a detailed monthly report of all calls. This may or may not be redundant advice (I never check my landline bill, only cellular). Being able to prove when you called may be important.

Document, document, document!
If you do wind up having to report fraud or theft to the authorities, a generous information package will mean a faster recovery time. Include proof of purchase/ownership, transcript of written communications, transcript of call logs, anything pertinent to the case. That way, the person in charge of your case won't have to wait for your imput as much.

Use secured, traceable funds
Money order, credit card, Paypal, DD, etc... Basicly anything else that cash stuffed in an enveloppe.

Pony up the extra cash for insurance
You may or may not get the complete value for a thrashed package, but it's at least more than nothing.
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