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Originally Posted by Kusiami View Post
All Airsoft, Soft-Air, BB Gun, Pellet Gun, and Paintball gun sales should be restricted to those who are the age of majority and have a valid PAL!

Solves 99% of your problems.
Originally Posted by Red Tiger View Post
+1 !

that's should have been done a long time ago !

But everyone are affraid to make the step, because the sport will be visible..
Maybe but we would be able to play and buy them at least.

Originally Posted by underground View Post
+3 I support the PAL system as the age verification program has its limits and work arounds.
PAL for airsoft is not a great solution to the problem in my opinion. We had the PAL for Airsoft discussion at WP and I will quote Scarecrow on this one...he says it better than I ever could...

Originally Posted by Scarecrow
This creeping liberalism of treating toys like nuclear waste is ridiculous. Instead of teaching our kids responsibility and giving them opportunities to be responsible, we remove any activity that could result in any significant consequence. We're raising yet another generation of couch potatoed, insta-gratified, zero risk taking drones.
kids are not allowed to be kids anymore. THAT'S the fucking problem.

And since I have proven I am too lazy to prop up my opinions with my OWN arguments today....I will post some of Morbs best writing on this topic..

Originally Posted by MadMorbius


Restriction breeds deviance. If you keep something away from people, you will only entice certain people to seek it out to satisfy curiosity. I've been using firearms for my entire life, since I was about 8 years old. As a result, I'm familiar with them, I use them safely, and I don't feel the need to tuck one in my waistband and show it off to my buddies. It's just a tool that can have serious consequences if mis-used, and having been exposed to them since a very young age, I treat them as such.

Airsoft is the same thing. Kids like to play with toy guns. They always have. Now you have a whole generation that couldn't get their fix by using plastic toys from Zellers, chasing each other around the neighborhood and going "bang bang", so they see airsoft one day and say "HOLY SHIT, I NEEEEED THAT!"

Since we've been made to believe that guns and violence are bad things, pushing that morality on anyone and everyone for the past 12 years (hmmm....what else was going on over the last 12 years....) we've created an entire generation that can't express themselves the way children have been doing for centuries, as if by denying guns and violence exist we'll somehow counteract a million years of evolution and humanity will become a peacefully enlightened species.

We grew thumbs to hold a club, to club the shit out of predators and those who mean to harm us. We grew canines to eat the flesh off their bones after we clubbed them to death. We evolved out of the trees by being the toughest motherfuckers in the food chain, and humanity got where it is, for good or bad, through the technological achievements developed during times of war and extreme violence. Denying that humanity is inherently violent is like sitting under a table, rocking back and forth and shutting out the world while your house burns around you.

There will always be those who want to harm us. They will seldom have regard for our own moral positions on what's right or wrong, and will almost certainly not stop their activities because someone somewhere has told them it's not right to behave in their current manner.

Society is only ever 5 days away from total collapse. That's the length of time an average-sized city can survive on the food and water in place when the trucks stop rolling or the power goes out. Do you really, REALLY think that everyone will sit idly by and keep that moral high-ground when Rome burns around them? Of course not. A hockey stick will become a club, and will fit amazingly well in the hands that evolved for that purpose.

We, as a society, are constantly told to believe that humanity is NOT inherently violent, despite 2000 years of recorded history to the contrary and a million years of evolutionary development that perfected our ability to do violence on any other species on this green earth.

If human beings weren't inherently violent, we wouldn't have little fistfights in the sandbox over who gets to play with what toy. In the "un-enlightened" minds of very young children, it's perfectly acceptable to punch another kid, a weaker kid, in the face and take the toy he covets from the weaker child. The strong rule the weak, until they're old enough to be taught that this behavior is unacceptable. The point is that children are inherently violent until society tells them otherwise, therefore, humanity is inherently violent despite societal norms. We control that violence, but it still lurks. Further evidence can be seen all over the world; Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria...anywhere in the world where the Government was no longer capable of keeping instinctual violence out of society, society has disintegrated into instinctual violence.

Denying it exists, removing any exposure to dangers from our children, is working backwards against evolution; If society fails, these children will have no idea how to cope and humanity will be lost to another dark age. If that happens, we'll make good use of our thumbs as we revert to stone clubs to kill each other.

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