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That's true, it's not what you have that makes you play better, but in your case that Firepower P90 only shoots 280fps with .12's ...has a plastic gearbox and at most it will shoot .2's a little over 200fps. That's not much better than an AEP ... at most you'll be able to play CQB, but the only real CQB place that's truly close up is at TTAC3 over here, otherwise you'll be quite fustrated with people calling hits from your gun.

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Wow sorry guys i didnt want to start a war on how much u have spent on airsoft. i didnt get my first gun yet and i know that you can easily get over 10000$ of stuffs. Dont judge a guy on how much money he spent on that. I could play better with my p90 that cost 200$ than another guy with a TM that he paid 600$. The amount of money the gun cost dont set the skill the guy have.(sorry im usually speaking french that's why my english is strange, but im sure u all get the point). And i still think that selling to underage is bad.
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