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I have purchased three guns from these guys, a HFC C02 m-9 came with two 40rd mags, silencer and gun case for $220+$30 tax-shipping, second gun WA hi-capa $220+$30 tax-shipping w/gun case, both these guns are full metal as you may know, shipping was three days to my post office box, tracking number with e-mail notice, their e-mail response is great.

Considering I paid $315 for an HFC M-9 from one of our reputable listed airsoft dealers two weeks back, I would say the $65 savings is a knowbrainer??

I am going out on a limb though, I ordered one of their TSD M-14 Socoms! $340 to my door, well I am not expecting more than $300 gun so I wont be too disapointed, as long as it is TM compatible I am not too concerned as I can recoup the value by upgrading to better internals etc.for the same or less than a TM M-14 would have cost, as I see lots of stocks, barrels, etc floating around from guys dressing up their TM M-14.

I will let you know the quality of the M-14, the pistols were a pleasant surprise (fingers crossed)!!
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