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Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07 View Post
Hey under-aged boy, want me to shoot BuyAirsoft and email about you? We definitely don't want them selling to foolish children like you.

Haha, they have guns listed around $220 that fire .2's at 280fps and above, I don't see any AEGs from ASCA that are in that price range. Oh wait, you're just a minor, $220 is expensive for you.
Hey, im 24( on the process of being verified im just waiting the call of the guy that will set the rendez-vous). It may sound strange for u but im not rich and im not minor either. 400$ for a gun is a bit over what i can pay. So im going to buy a p90 from, it will cost me EXACTLY 189,74$( including shipping and taxes ). It is only half the price anything on asc armory. Even pistols here cost more. Im not a minor and YEAH 220$ IS expensive for me. But i agree that selling to underages is definatly not good.

edit : go ahead and say im a made up account i dont really care about any1 thinking that. Im just trying to get my first AEG.
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