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Uhmmm dude, it's made by WELL cause when I ordered it they told me it was a CYMA, when I got it it was a WELL, so they said oh sorry and let me return it lol. Yeah they are quite shady but if you bug the frigging hell out of them they will cough it up.

BTW the CYMA 030 isn't a piece of shit, the WELL is though!
Most of their guns are either brought in directly from WELL or from Team SD in the states.

Originally Posted by Uziguy View Post
I think I would buy from them. They are not 100% honest in there listings but they do ship there products. You just need to know what your buying before you buy it.

Like there elec. 18c Marui clone. Its not made by well like they say (though well is a subsidiary) it is made by CYMA. It is the CYMA 030 and it has been given rave reviews and there are even videos of it firing on youtube. This is a great gun and a great deal, but still there ad is very misleading.
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