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Originally Posted by Jayhad View Post
First off I really hope the best for your wife's publication opportunties.

Lawdog, I do have a question, you requested airsoft CANADA vote for your wife's book (i did), but now you only will provide sponsorship to Ontario teams, I assume (i cringe when I type assume) this is becuase your firm is not national and therefore western canada doesn't provide adequate exposure in correlation to $$$ given. Or, is this just the standard practice we out here have learned to accept as eastern canada giving us the finger?

No offense intended I just wanted to be more animated
No fingers intended but there are a few issues. Our firm is licensed to practise only in Ontario, and we have no right to practise or seek clients in other provinces, thus if we advertise in another province it could break some rules of professional conduct. We currently do not have any sister firms or referral arrangements with firms outside Ontario.

Secondly I am stuck with making sure there is some accountability for where our coin goes on this sort of thing, and it is a lot easier for me to check up on or drop in on, an event with an Ontario team in Ontario.

However if you have a lot of relatives who are likely to get injured in Ontario and you would send them all my way, include that in your proposal and let'er rip.

Also, the hypothetical cases of wine, in the hypothetical next round can be shipped anywhere in Canada, and would make for a nice addition to your next Airsoft social event.

And a personal thank you for your previous votes and potential future votes.

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