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Airsoft Team Sponsorships Available

As you recall when I first asked you to vote for my wife in her writing contest, I said if she made the top half my law firm would be kicking in a couple of sponsorships for Airsoft teams. As you know she make the top four and thus you guys kept up your part of the deal, so now I'm pleased to do mine.

[hypothetically speaking if my wife made the final round (top two) there might be a giveaway of some cases of hypothetical nice red wine to members over 19 in Canada, since we are not allowed to tell you if she made the final]

So I am now calling for proposals from Airsoft teams in Ontario and organizers of national events so I can give this damned money away.

This will be a usual sponsorship arrangement, and there will be three sponsorships available roughly as follows:

1) $1000 for one team
2) $500 for a second team
3) $500 for an event that is national in nature.

If I don't get a satisfactory proposal for #3 the second team will get a grand or a third team will get $500 depending on the quality of proposals.

Now I have to do this by the book. The sponsor will be the law firm of Boland Howe, which is a plaintiff only personal injury firm. If you got a problem with that don't waste my time. If the check is going to get sent to an individual an accounting will be requried on where the $ went at the end of the year, signed by somebody (I don't want your receipts just somebody to blame if I get screwed on my tax return).

Your proposal should include all of the usual stuff to try and encourage a sponsor, age of team # members, theme, photos, what benefits and/or exposure the sponsor will get etc. It may not be a lot of dough but it will be a good exercise for those teams that plan to be in this for the long run and seek broader sponsorship opportunities.

The deadline for proposals is March 15, 2007 I would expect cheques to be cut by Apr 1 or so.

If you have general questions about this opportunity post them here, if you have more private questions pm me.

I prefer hard copy proposals which can be sent to:

Russ Howe
Boland Howe
130 Industrial Pkwy N.
Aurora, ON
L4G 4C3

please mark them "Personal and Confidential- Airsoft"

If you absolutely cannot bring yourself to do a hard copy proposal, e-proposals can be sent to

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