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Old thread but I wanted to add these comments but figured it wasn't worth starting a whole new thread.

Just got mine from Jugglez, no idea if its a new model or not but with STAR realcaps there is absolutely no wobble and with a CA hicap and STAR hicap there is very little. Unlike some earlier reviews I've read all my mags drop out when the mag release button is hit, no need to have to pull the mags out, again I don't know if its a newer version or not.

One downside is that previously my hopup would eat 4 BB's that would drop out with the mag and not fire (CA36) but now it eats 6. So a STAR realcap loaded with 30 rounds will only fire 24 rounds unless flipped upside down (I'm currently leaving my mags loaded to work them in so I can fit 32-34 rounds instead of 30.) Another minor problem is the front edges are very sharp. When I brought my hand back to remove the mag I cut myself on the nylon it is so sharp, cut the skin and almost drew blood. A little sand paper fixes this problem though.

Overall I'm very happy that I can use armalite mags instead of big bulky G36 mags. Personally I don't think it effects the aesthetic appearance of the gun either way, I liked it before and I still do but thats all opinion.
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