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No flame here, 100% agree.

(Rant On)

If a fool uses a toy gun to commit a crime or intent to commit a crime, he is a criminal to begin with, end of story.

Take whatever action you would normally do with a dangerous weapon wielding suspect... if that is Shoot first, ask questions later, so be it. I'd hope the Officer would attempt to take charge of the situation however and then if the dum ass raises the toy, empty your mag into him. He obviously did not want to be part of society anyways. Damn people are too soft on criminals in this day and age.

Why a cop would get all emotional over this is ridiculous. He shouldn't be a cop if a suspect 'exhibiting criminal behaviour' worries them. That same fool will simply use a kitchen utensil next time or a baseball bat. Look back at the gangs of the 50's for simple examples (chains, bats, knives, etc). The toy gun is just the latest cool fad.

Doesn't matter what they are holding or using, criminal behaviour is criminal behaviour. Toss the fool in the klink and throw the book at him.

While your at it, follow the example in Robert Heinlein's world (Starship Troopers book, NOT the damn movie) and give the underage suspect and his Father a whipping in the town square. Do this a few times and things will change rather quickly. As he states, punishment should be by nature "Cruel and Unusual", otherwise it serves no purpose.

Used to work just fine back in the old days with the strap at school...back when students were actually "afraid" to go to the Principals office!

(Rant Off)

Phew... nice to get that off my chest ;-)

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