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Unfortunately, it's actually stupid people drawing unecessary heat, as it's always been.

I'm pretty sure that's borderline "blame the pencil for the spelling mistakes".

That and I'm pretty sure the media just sometimes has nothing better to do than stir the shit.

On the news tonight, there's a whole segment on how it's dangerous to go to the hospital because of the cleanliness and soforth. Like doctors and nurses are plotting to kill us with dirty fingernails...

Besides, I was halfway to a bushy beard when I wandered in and bought my KWC p226 to see how they are, and guess what?

The lady behind the counter grilled me. Asked me for ID, asked me what I wanted to use it for, and then even bothered to ask me if I knew how to use it.

So... No disrespect or anything, but it's not that cut and dry.

Oh yeah, and I really mean it about the gun. It's not a bad little springer. Weak hop-up, and it's super light, but seems to be pretty well made.

Oh yeah, and for the springer haters - c'mon now... nothing more exciting then sneaking around and tagging someone with a springer. Try it sometime.
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