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Okay, here is what I mean. Read this thread.

My analysis:

Droc, good initial answer, followup sarcasm unnecessary but unharmful. Later airport advice is inflammatory and unnecessary. Your post started the spiral downwards.

LUTNIT, good initial answer. Later post ignores the fact that the father is the one that bought the airsoft gun in the first place. Work on those listening skills my friend.

HaZarD SFD, reasonable initial answer, obscure community references that don't have any bearing on the question. Later posts are simply insulting.

Amgoosen, disrespectful troll. You come up close behind Droc on representing ASC users as assholes. Wonderful first impression for this kid. If I was considering coming out to a game to check things out, I'd now be having second thoughts.

Pip, good point about his backyard, but how do you know he doesn't live up north where his backyard might be totally consealed? How do you know he's doing it without parental supervision after all his father bought the gun for him in the first place? Again, read the poster's comments carefully and fully.

Mongoose, Bravo, the first helpful and respectful post that would not dissuade a new player from joining the sport. He listened and replied to the questions and made no false assumptions or ignored anything the poster referenced.

, my thoughts exactly.


This kid who posted was completely polite, coherent, direct with a question, respectful and was seeking advice. Is this how you greet a guest at your front door?

Based on first impressions if I was going to dinner for the first time with these people I would think Droc and Amgoose are the first ones to get drunk and beligerant and bounced out of the restaurant, LUTNIT would be polite but would be asking me the same questions over and over, HaZarD SFD would be telling everyone how he once met James Earl Jones at a stag and wouldn't it be nice if Blueberry yogurt actually contained real blueberries and then would get drunk, then shit on you for the color of pants you're wearing, then pass out, Pip would be nice, then ask the waiter for directions to the bathroom and end up peeing in the closet and locking himself out of the restaurant out the backdoor only to find LUTNIT there already trying to get back in, and Mongoose would do his best to pass the salt and actually engage people in conversation and kalnaren would wonder how the hell he got invited to this stupid dinner in the first place.

...and no, I am not KaiSoftAir, that was a real post.
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