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I don't really *care* about Greylocks as I am sure he doesn't give a damn about me either, for me at least this is about what he posts and ensuring its as accurate as possible, IF he's going to claim expertise about something. What I don't like to see is a cocksure attitude, ripping into someone or being utterly impolite on something where he's blatantly wrong.

I wouldn't care if it is Greylocks or anyone else, but the reason I focused in on it was because it is an area of MY expertise (the firearms stuff) and I object to the misinformation being out there and for some new guy who is actually right getting borderline flamed for posting what was actually accurate information. Now, if he's inaccuate about that, and talks through his hat, it naturally leads me to look into what else he is saying and to question it as well. Its called CREDIBILITY. He makes far too many blanket statements about things being against the law, which in fact are not, or are a matter of custom, self regulation or personal convenience. But to dissuade an underaged player from pursuing the sport because he's 16 is a bad thing to do. It makes all kind of presumptions that could be incorrect and counter to his saying it, my experience shows that I've met, worked with, mentored and helped a lot of underaged players who then went on to be excellent players and teammates. What do I say? I say talk to your parents and seek their approval to play the game and find people who will take the time to help you learn about the game and *possibly* participate in a game with a waiver, hosts and field owners allowing.

Now why do I care at all? I care because unlike Greylocks, I still play the game and I want the game to grow and I want to see new players welcomed to the community and mentored into players I can then play with or against (and sell BBs to incidently - enlightened self interest). What I am seeing is a person who no longer plays the game interfering with that personal goal of mine and I object to it. Nothing more.

Others here have a more personal take on it and I won't speak for anyone other than myself. If Greylocks gets flamed because of it, I think all thats happening is the universe is rebalancing things a little. Sucks to be on the receiving end once in a while, but you reap what you sew. Hopefully its a lesson learned.
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