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Originally Posted by insanegame View Post
I'm a noob here, but do be honest after what I've seen, Greylocks looks to have more proper information to give out than Debbie and Cyclic.
Ah yes, you would know now wouldn't you? Re-read the thread from the beginning. And telling people to shut the fuck up isn't acceptable around here so drop the rudeness. If you have some useful to contribute by all means contribute it. In this aspect I do agree with Greylocks on some new people who come here and post garbage in the name of free speech - Hojo is a lot more forgiving than I would be.

Long live the mud room.

Oh yes, and incidently mentoring new players involves more than posting on a d-board on the interweb. Wolfpack hosts newb days and public events at our private field each year precisely for welcoming new players to the game and helping them get an accelerated start. I'd say that holds a lot more credibility than "you're a stupid ghey newb haxxor, go read up on that question.." posts. Any asshole can commit to a 30 second brain dump in a post, but the two people you're referring to have spent over 5 years each in the game, one in two separate provinces, in the field, mentoring new players directly. So before using your 'freedom of speech' to post pointless drivel, get the facts straight first.

BTW, people like you are why we're having this argument in the first place.

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