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I'm a noob here, but do be honest after what I've seen, Greylocks looks to have more proper information to give out than Debbie and Cyclic. Sorry if my opinion doesn't match all of yours but thats just how I see it, and probably a lot of other people too since there's only two badmouthing Greylocks as opposed to the entire site. Ten to one the guy probably has other shit to do rather than play airsoft(no that it is not important). Money is tight these days, so is gas, and so is time indefinitely, maybe he has a family to tend to, or maybe he works a lot, who knows, just leave him the hell alone you pricks, and Droc, I think these two would definitely be raising both hands, jumping up in the air a million times, and going, "OOH OOH PICK ME PICK ME!" to be the taste judges. And both Debbie and Cyclic need to not jack this post and just seriously stfu and mind their own. And that was my two cents, oh damn, Cyclic, you gonna piss on me now for putting in my two cents??? No point in it, it's called freedom of speech you ignorant bastard!
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