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I've waited a long time to say this, and since I'm having a superb morning (just knocked down 2 coyotes, yes GL, with a real rifle, on my real non-range private property), I'll top it off with a comment...

GL, if spending your time on this board and pointing noobs in some direction is so much trouble why not take ASC out of your bookmarks. Easy solution. The only reason you have "so much knowledge" of the sport is because you have spent every waking moment for the last ump-teen years on a board getting your 2 cents in on everything you can. ...a board for a sport that you don't even play. Yet with all that time and working to become the uber-airsoft guru of Canada and self proclaimed know-it-all, you have zero experience. Worst of all, 90% of the dribble that comes out of your keyboard is misinformation and garbage. You proclaim to have years of first hand experience and knowledge about everything, yet drop the ball on something as basic as where you can fire a rifle? Maybe you need to retake your PAL and freshen up (if you ever had it in the first place). That one post made a lot of people realize, unequivocally, that you're full of shit. The only reason that no one has called you on it after all these years is because you've been banking on the fact that all your 2nd hand knowledge you've read on the net will fly over the heads of younger people that have less real experience than your "false experience".

The closest experience I can find to you actually playing the sport is your posed photo in your avatar. And that was probably the same day that Ottawa realized that you were a gas-bag and decided not to welcome you back. Maybe all your anger and harsh comments towards noobs is a reflection on your airsoft career. Is it that you just can't stand seeing some new kid come here, ask a justified question and get a honest response? Maybe that person will feel welcome and pick up the sport and flourish in it? Something that you were denied? So since you've been reduced to chairsofting and mastering your keyboard commando skills, you make it your mission to see that others share your same fate. The only thing is that people that don't know any better that let you bully them out of the sport don't spend the next 10 years of their life not playing and camping out at ASC bitching..

If you're going to take it upon yourself to become the unofficial grand-puba airsoft spokesman, at least act like it. If you don't have something constructive or most importantly, accurate to say, keep your cursor away from that reply button. I have far more respect for a new guy that asks a question than for someone that should know better that just bitches and bs's his way along.

mmm.. that felt good. Time to scrape some pelts.
sorry, I thought this post had something interesting to it.

Originally Posted by Debbie View Post
LOL, Now he is on Foxden airsoft looking for support from the noobs there. He refuses to reply to any of your comments Cyclic.....he still believes he is a God.
Ha, and you still believe anyone cares about your opinion.

And its funny how you say noobs, considering your so new, your still waiting on your peach-fuz....OVA has members who have been around far longer then you think.

Either way, this threads is smelling ripe for a good cleaning or trashing.

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