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So true.

I am in there all the time bugging the crap out of them and givin them shit.

I am the customer dammit!!!!!

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Unfortunately the time required to take proper website-worthy pictures of items is quite a lot, and when you take into account the constantly changing inventory, a lot of which is tiny parts, it gets very difficult to set up and take pictures of all the items.

HoJo and the rest of the crew at the ASCA are extremely busy between handling online sales and the in-store portion, where there's almost always customers inside the store keeping them busy buying/looking at stuff. Taking pictures of stuff just kinda gets left behind because often more pressing business matters take precedent (like serving the customers).

Most of the big items have pictures, and if you're unsure of what something looks like, you can always find a picture/specs of it on as most of their items come from there.

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