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Originally Posted by thephenom View Post
feisty debate we have here.....

Oh yeah, don't forget to mention the regulation on "imitation firearm" we have in Ontario. Which does restrict sales of imitation firearm to 18+, and imitation firearm is defined as something that resembles the real gun, but is not a firearm or a replica.
Scratch my last, I found it, yes, such a regulation exists. For sales. I don't see anything about posession or use though. So for all practical purposes your legal guardian can buy one on your behalf and allow you to use it, but, strictly speaking, you're forbidden to traffic in them until your at least 18. Doesn't say anything about supervising a minor with an airsoft gun either, so thats presumable up to the discretion of the guardian (I assume).

Still doesn't support the idea that those under 18 can't use airsoft guns or play with them.

And all this is predicated on the idea that an airsoft gun falls under the 'imitation firearm' definition, which is also debated. Its all so gray its really unenforcable, and the proof of that is the fact that they guns are readily so available.
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