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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
PS, I am a curious bastard so I thought I'd remind Debbie of something she posted, direct quote too:

Maybe her own advice has changed?


Greylocks, once and for all....There is NO law forbidding minors from playing airsoft...NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT THERE TO BE

....get that through you damn head....

Try deflecting more shit Greylocks, you are under about a ton of it now. I am sorry but you cannot begin to understand the anger I have towards you and how you have treated countless people, and then as it turns out, you are full of shit. We need new players to survive and enjoy this sport with us.
If I were you I would just shut are making yourself look stupider everytime you write a backpeddling post. If it was up to a Police officers discretion, I am sure he would say you are guilty......

The players who are in the know, ie., Vets, and adults have been discussing this matter and your behaviour now for years. A typical Greylocks post is "Oh yeah, I am 43, and you are what 17? What do you know that you think I don't already know and have done. Go away and come back in a year". Gee does that sound familiar?

The kicker is.....YOU DON"T EVEN PLAY AIRSOFT.

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