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I suppose its hear say but eh. On Thursday of last week I can say I had a Regional Intelligence Officer with the CBSA sit with me at work while I went over some things, I think it's asinine to think that no government officials look at this site as (doi) we have more then enough military/and local officers actually play.. Only proof I could deliver is a scanned business card, or emails I get from the intelligence officer my company deals with. Ah well. Very naive IMO.
[QUOTE=Debbie;414371]I have no doubt that they have read the boards on occasion...big deal. What are the great plans and conspiracies....I would like proof, they exist. All we are doing is continuing the baseless, my friend told me so.....who cares if you were pulled over by the cops when you were 15 really....what does that have to do with anything. Proof Proof Proof.....LOL I want Proof not heresay......
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