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Originally Posted by Jayhad View Post
I think you should try it and prove everyone wrong that has been in the sport many, many, many more years then you
Whoa Jay, lower the sights and take the finger off the trigger Bro, I said nothing to try and offend anyone, not my style. I may be new to the sport of airsoft but have been shooting my whole life (close to 22 years with my own firearms), from skeet to 50yard long rifle peep sight target shooting, so I'm a newb in your sport but not new to gun regulations. I know the laws on replica firearms and the issues associated with getting them overseas, but figured once it was in pieces in seperate boxes it may actually make less waves than a box with a handgun in it. Anyway Bro thanks for the warm welcome, I now feel obliged to be so kind in your direction......
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