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GL, the only objection I have and repeatedly have come back to in this thread is your references to law. I agree with you that there is a lot that is left to the discretion of a police officer. BUT replica laws are typically not the ones they resort to to formulate a charge. Ask any police officer on our team and they will tell you that outright. We know - we've had this discussion fireside and its an old discussion. They will use firearms laws (any device used as a 'gun' in the commission of a crime will be deemed a firearms and thus you will be charged as such) and weapons dangerous to the public peace, and then they can seize the guns as evidence without any pretext whatsoever, replica or otherwise. Replica firearms laws are obscure and not typically something a police officer will use when the much more ubiquitous weapons dangerous charge sticks a lot easier and is a lot easier to argue in court and get a conviction on - and there is no age limit on that (save the young offenders act, but the charge stands).

You've reluctantly admitted you were wrong regarding the law, yet continue to make the same arguments. Being 'illegal' and being 'ambigious' under the law are two different things. Being 18 has nothing to do with it other than how it might look at the scene, if the scene is a crime at all. Get off that track and stop advising people that way, its simple incorrect information.

Originally Posted by Viper20 View Post
Grey is right when it comes to what is the law...
No he is not and its be shown he was wrong. Period. End of discussion. Go back and re-read the thread.

Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
I've never actually heard of someone being confronted by police and challenged under the premise of "possession of a prohibited device"
Prohibited devices are specifically listed. Airsoft and airguns are not listed as prohibited devices, ergo, you would never see this type of charge related to an airsoft gun.

Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Read carefully one last time; the only laws they can currently apply are laws about Replicas.
Incorrect. For all the reasons I just stated.
- Posession of a firearm
- Weapons dangerous to the public peace
- Use of a firearm in the commission of a crime

Show me ONE conviction of a breech of the replica laws with an airsoft gun and I will eat my hat.
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