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My co-worker found one bouncing off his desk just after it tapped his head when I tossed it at him from my office to his.

Is ok, I found it on the floor under my desk, and threw it at him. Besides, he plans to come out to play airsoft this year anyways, not like I had to explain the game to him. Just have to explain the concept of "calling hits". BTW, we also occasionally shoot elastics at each other anyways. Lol, one day I was working on one of our helicopters, he was working on the Harvard Mk IV on the other side of the helo, I had a tube with me that I used to help run wires through tough places, saw him there a good 40ft away, grabbed a chunk of Kimwipe, chewed it up, loaded it into the tube and pegged him right behind the left ear with it. Serious "WTF?!!?" reaction, he gave a "Fuck off!" expression then went back to work. Lol

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