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Read carefully one last time; the only laws they can currently apply are laws about Replicas.

They can choose not to apply those laws, but they exist. If they did not exist, we'd be able to have any airsoft gun we want from anywhere in the world.

Customs chooses to apply them, the police can choose to apply them or not. Does not change the fact those laws exist.

Like me or not, I dont really care. If you want to push the laws, go right ahead. If you want to stake what you believe on how a police officer feels like that day, be my guest. Again, good luck to you, you'll need it.

Every year, even every month, we have newbies who want to pull a miracle out of their ass. They quote gun laws, PAL, all kinds of things that have zilch to do with where airsoft stands.

If you dont want ANY shit with airsoft, treat them like real guns but apply the laws that relate to Replicas. Debbie, I dont know you, or where your'e coming from. If you've known me for years it's news to me.

You speak for all the Ottawa players too? Cool.

So since you are the new expert, please advise all the newbies on what they can do. You're welcome to the 'job'. Cheers.

PS, I am a curious bastard so I thought I'd remind Debbie of something she posted, direct quote too:
Originally Posted by Debbie View Post
A replica or toy gun that is used in any crime is considered real and will receive the same penalty.
Maybe her own advice has changed?

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