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Originally Posted by Debbie View Post
Why do I feel like breaking into The Wizard of Oz's.......Hail Hail the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead

No not at all grey, you have been stuffing misinformation down people throats for way too long and have probably scared 200 good airsoft candidates off of the sport.....that you yourself don't play....why because you have pissed everyone in Ottawa off and they wont let you play.

You seem to be quite the fraud. Two days ago what you claim was LAW you now say is actually up to individual Police Discretion. I have never seen such backpeddaling before.

Grey is right when it comes to what is the law and that the police use their discretion. The law is not black and white, it is infact grey. This means nothing is stright forward, Canada is based on Case Law, well most of it, Quebec uses Napoleonic Law.

Case Law is based on discretion, where Napoleonic Law is based on stright from the books "You did this so your punishment is this"
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