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Hey, listen. Shit happens. I have a short temper, it gets shorter with time, and I get tired of telling people to read even when I do it nicely.

"Please read the FAQ, get age-verified, and complete your profile so we can help you efficiently" is not a hard message. It's a true message and they dont listen.

Then I face two problems; either I lose patience and bring stuff down to the shortest definition possible (and lose important details) into absolutes in the hope that those are clear enough, or I have to spoonfeed for ages.

When is that damned first-user padded room system coming into effect? This entire place should be 18+, just like the laws we're trying to make clear. Not a perfect solution, but it's an easy solution. Heck, it's A solution.

Teens can wait to be 18 to vote, they can wait to be 18 to buy and use Replica guns. Wont kill them, might save their ass. If they cant deal with being told NO, and told WHY, as teenagers, how will they cope with anything at all?

And no matter what, I'm always up for a beer with you, agreements or not. We can even go scare ricers first.
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