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I don't think it gives us license to be rude to total strangers and the bottom line is this sport attracts a fringe element AND a young element. The fringe element will always be problematic no matter what the age, and the young are just that - young. I deal with them through Scouting regularly and sometimes you get really frustrated, but, we have whats called a 'Duty of Care' and its very specific about responsibilities when dealing with the young. These particular rules are quite simple to grasp and make a lot of sense and are there to protect both parties. We all should be mindful of that fact that what we are posting is being read by more than just the recepient but also a lot of young impressionable minds. The absolute worst thing you can do to a child or teenager is devalue and berate if what you really intend is to educate and/or correct. Not only will they disrespect you, but worse, they will come to hate you. Then you have no influence at all.

There are things that make me cringe when I look at this community. I cringe at airsoft games when I see safety violations we'd never permit on a range, NDs and general stupidity of an incredible order. I've been physically HURT because of some of this in the past, which is why I am selective about where I play and whom I play with.

I then see how people interact and treat one another and particularly the younger crowd, who are our future players get shit on - its no wonder they turn into dysfunctional adults who won't take correction. ASC isn't responsible for that, but it is a microcosm of that at work - we play a 'game' that we deny enthusiastic kids access to and when we tell them they can't play because they aren't old enough, sometimes its done in a very condesending manner. And what are we telling them? They aren't mature enough to dress up like a fantasy soldier and run around and play guns with us?!? How hyprocritical is that?? Yes I see the need for restraint due to the nature of the look of the toy involved but beyond that we're all a bunch of kids chasing one another playing tag for god sake. Come on. What attracts about this game is what attracts us, and if they are immature because of that, then we are by extension, so we have no right to feel superior in any way. We are equals because of that.

If you're getting that frustrated, its definitely time to unplug and find something else to do for a bit, just to get some perspective. You're no good to yourself or others if your responses are laced with frustrated vitriole. I've seen you post some really good shit on airsoft and I've seen you been patient as hell with people I would not have replied to. But, I would say that if you can't find it in yourself to reply professionally and as an adult a child could look up to, its time to take a break. I do this, I also do photography, I target shoot, I hunt, I'm a Scouter and I do all manner of outdoor activity. Airsoft is one piece of it and if it gets to the point where I want to throttle people, I walk away. Thats what Morb's post really was 'nuff said' thats what he meant. He's probably shut the computer off and gone to read his little girl a story or tuck her into bed rather than fight because there was nothing to be gained by lashing out.

I on the other hand simply decided to say something for once. Now I will sink back into the background for a while, sell some BBs and watch all you guys and hope you get along rather than tear a strip off each other.
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