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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I'll trade the cookie for you dropping your condescending manner. Its neither appreciated nor deserved. If you're going to post advice, post advice, if you're going to post opinion, post opinion, but don't pass off armchair opinion as authoritative fact. Especially when you're reaming people out for being immature children, and then you turn around and be dismissively insulting when you're caught being less than perfect yourself.
Should I post the wonderfully mature PM's he sent me out of the blue? You know only one side of that story.

I am less than perfect, I make mistakes, I dont explain in great spoonfeeding details. Why is that newsworthy?

Tell you what, re-focus onto the underage crowd who not only wants to break the rules, but does break the rules.

All I hear lately is "I can shoot real guns so this is perfectly OK" It's not. No matter how incorrect I was in not spelling out all the loopholes, ifs and buts of when/where you can use a real gun, an under-18 person cant buy an airsoft gun legally or use it anywhere they please.

It's really that simple.

Put any label you want on me to describe my reactions about folks who claim maturity but cant wait 2 years. They piss me off, and I say so. They should piss you off too.

Maybe you choose to stay silent, I dont. That's apparently my mistake these days. It's no longer politically correct to 1) tell folks what to read at least once and 2) ask them to follow some basic rules. I even do it politely, believe it or not.

Awww screw it. Damned if I do, damned if I dont.
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