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No, the shooting area does NOT become a range by pretty much all legal definitions. A federally, provincially and municipally approved firearms range is entirely different from shooting on private property. How do I know? Because I've been closely involved for the last 3 years with the executive committee of my local gun club working to get our private property that we already shoot at recreationally for 35 years, approved for restricted firearms. Had we not wanted to shoot restricted firearms, we could leave the property as an unapproved range and continue to shoot at it unless the municipality specifically passed a bylaw to stop us. Its called 'recreational shooting' and it is permitted without any special licenses or permits.
Oh yeah, and by the way, if your club also subscribes its members to the CSSA, they are automatically insured ($1,000,000 liability) at all your club's ranges, both private property or federally approved range. Just thought I'd mention it before you go onto the insurance issue. Thats also another good reason for CSSA membership, aside from fighting for your firearms rights.
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