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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post

You can hunt with a Permit. If you are going to shoot a real gun, you need either a permit, or the authorization of whoever runs the local municipality that allows the land you are on to be used for that purpose.
The shooting area becomes a range, in pretty much all legal definitions. You need a PAL (or the equivalent for youths), at least.

So one way or another, you need permission from whoever is responsible for the land even if you own it or the Crown owns it.

That's the basics for real guns.
Sigh is right...stick to Airsoft FAQs Grey. You know fuck all about firearms laws and I don't appreciate you spreading bullshit to a bunch of rookies. Garandfreak_surplus is way ahead of you on this one.

Scarecrow is right clean across the board as usual. PLEASE if anyone is going to take anything away from this post related to real firearms, read Morb and Scarecrows posts and then go look up the law for yourself. The firearms regulations and law in this province and country are RETARDED and CONFUSING to say the least and it takes more than owning and shooting firearms to navigate them.

If you have any questions, find a gun club close to you. The executive are always happy to answer questions, (whether you are interested in joining or not) and if they DON'T know they have the channels to find out.

What are my credentials? I am a director at my club, and help run it. I am one of the ones working to get our currently private land turned into a range.

Just to casue some more shit, I can tell you that there is NO black letter law that says a restricted firearm HAS to be discharged at a range certified by the CFO. But the CFO will never grant you an ATT to take it anywhere but a certified range.

There is grey law on shooting a restricted on your own property in a safe manner, but it hasn't been tested. That's why it's grey.
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