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wow we're missing the point here. kid says he's going to paintball until he's 18, that's got to be one of the most mature answers from a 16 year old i've heard on this forum yet! now, let's see if he keeps his promise, 2 years is a short wait, trust me. school and extracurricular activities will shorten the time immensely, trust.

and Greylocks, come on man. i've checked up on your posts and about 70% or more (i didn't bother browsing through them all) are quite harsh against new people. i mean, yeah, they should check the FAQ section and whatnot, but damn, what a way to turn off potential future airsofters!

it appears the 16 is right, so what, that's 1 VS your 41552764 times you were right, let it go.

and yes, i realize you might tear into me right after this, but the thread will probably be trashed soon. i hope.
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